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Thomas Vacuum Pumps

Nor-Cal Controls is the exclusive distributor for Thomas Industries, a Gardner-Denver Company, for CA, NV, AZ, HI and AK.

With more than 50 years of pump and compressor knowledge, Thomas offers a base of air moving know-how few companies in the world can match. With six operating technologies including: WOB-L piston, articulated piston, rotary vane, diaphragm, peristaltic and linear. Thomas has an extensive line of standard products that can be custom designed to meet your precise application needs in air, gas and liquid.

  • Articulated Piston - Rugged, long life design for highest pressure and air flow capabilities; oil-less; industrial duty design with full pressure restart capabilities.
  • WOB-L© Piston - Lightweight WOB-L® piston design results in quiet and efficient performance at high pressure and vacuum levels as well as high flows; oil-less; WOB-L® piston provides long life and the most economical performance
  • Rotary - Highest air flow to physical size ratio of any Thomas design; oil-less; pulsation free air delivery; simple design with few moving parts provides long service-free life.
  • Diaphragm - High efficiency in medium pressure and vacuum ranges; oil-less; compatible with aggressive flow media; can be staged for higher vacuum levels; fluid capability with smaller models.
  • Vibrating Linear- For high flow - lower pressure or vacuum applications requiring quiet, very long life, and low power consumption; smaller units with DC drives.
  • Liquid - For fluid pump applications: peristaltic pumps, diaphragm fluid pumps, rotary vane fluid pumps, oscillating piston fluid pumps and linear diaphragm fluid pumps
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Elmo Rietschle Vacuum Pumps

The Elmo Rietschle brand was created when the renowned vacuum companies Elmo Technology and Rietschle joined forces within Gardner Denver, a recognized leader providing compressed air and gas, vacuum and fluid transfer technologies to industries throughout the world. We offer an outstanding choice of side channel blowers, radial fans, dry running and oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps and compressors, screw vacuum pumps as well as liquid ring, rotary lobe and claw vacuum pumps and compressors.

  • Food & Product Packaging Solutions
  • Radial Blowers - For pressure and vacuum operation
  • Side-Channel Blowers - For pressure and vacuum operation
  • Dry Running - "Rotary vane", "Claw" & "Screw" style vacuum pumps / compressors
  • Oil Lubricated - Vacuum pumps
  • Roots Blowers - For pressure and vacuum operation
  • Air-Centers - (Air Supply)
  • Centralized - Compressed air and vacuum systems

Edco Vacuum Pumps

EDCO offers compact and innovative solutions for the industrial vacuum-holding market and manufactures high quality vacuum products using only rugged materials that are suitable for industrial service. EDCO vacuum pumps include anodized aluminum bodies, stainless steel valve plates, brass ejector nozzles and stainless steel fasteners at a price substancially less than our competitors' plastic-component pumps. They also offer a one stop shop for vacuum cups and holders.

  • Air powered vacuum pumps
  • Vacuum cups, 5-150MM
  • Vacuum cup fittings
  • Vacuum accessories, Check valves, flow valves, swivel joints, adapters
  • Vacuum sensors and filters
  • Modular automation tooling

Welch Vacuum Pumps

Welch has provided quality vacuum pumps for laboratory, industrial and educational applications for over a century. Today, Welch is a leading manufacturer of vacuum pump products for chemical and biological laboratories, high vacuum manufacturing, and air-conditioning/refrigeration.

The Welch product line includes oil lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps, dry piston and diaphragm vacuum pumps, and specialized vacuum systems, components, and applications.

Chemical Duty

  • PTFE Dry Pumps
  • Chemstar High Vacuum Pumps


  • Economical Standard Duty
  • Lab Application Specific Pumps

High Vacuum

  • Durable Belt Drive Pumps
  • Compact Direct Drive Pumps

Liquid Laboratory Products – peristaltic liquid pumps, Lok-n-Flow peristaltic tubing cartridges, tubing, fittings, and chemical compatibility charts. Laboratory Liquid Pumps.

Vacuum Accessories

Pisco Vacuum Pumps

Pisco manufacturers simple or multi-functional venturi type vacuum generators in various shapes and characteristics. Vacuum pads are available in a variety of shapes and materials. Vacuum pad related products. Solid state and mechanical vacuum sensor/switch are also available from Pisco.

  • Ultra small venturi vacuum generators, vacuum pincette, vacuum cylinders and cups.
  • The Vacuum Generator, creating vacuum by use of compressed air, can be used in combination with a Vacuum Pad to convey materials. Vacuum Generator comes in a variety of performances and types to meet your applications.

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